Every doctor can participate in Health Banking. After participating in a training you will receive your personal access credentials to the online system.

Although Health Banking can document various pathologies that are treated by different treatment modalities (comparison of efficacy, tolerability, and cost-effectiveness of therapeutic modalities), the tool is currently used exclusively for the detection, treatment, and prevention of iron deficiency patients (first focus).

An iron concentration of symptomatic iron deficiency patients with a ferritin value below 100 ng / ml should be “adjusted” in an individually dosed 100and controlled way to the individual optimum range, which with most of the treated patients is 100-200 ng / ml ferritin. This procedure requires a single saturation phase with usually 3-6 infusions. Subsequent maintenance therapy is especially necessary for women of menstruation age and children (for women until their menopause and children until completion of their growth and development). It is now on the one hand in the sense of a teamwork between doctor and patient to find out at which ferritin threshold the first relapse symptoms occur. On the other hand, the doctor is challenged to administer the amount of iron per year at the correctly selected intervals so that the ferritin value remains in the personal optimum range in the future.

The online tool H-Banking helps you to realize this concept.

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