Central Intelligence Healthcare CIH

Health Banking opens up new possibilities for family medicine since 2005.

A centralized data collection enables comparisons between findings and moods, which are subsequently correlated together: a new doctor-patient culture.

The Swiss Iron Health Organization SIHO has been able to prove that in most of these patients, for example, with fatigue, concentration problems, depressive moods or sleep disorders, their iron stores are poorly filled or empty.

The comparison of data also allows the detection of changes in findings and symptoms after the therapeutic saturation of the empty iron stores. Because: after an individually dosed and controlled treatment, two out of three patients are and remain healthy – this is confirmed by the University of Zurich.

As long as the efficacy, tolerability and cost-effectiveness of our treatments remain high, our approach will continue. After Switzerland was the first country to take the problem of iron deficiency seriously, this awareness begins to flow across the borders, currently mainly to Germany.

Every doctor can join the network.

If you are interested please visit: www.eisenworkshop.org